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What is the difference between Basic and Advanced WinEEG versions ?

Except of QEEG analysis and standards signal processing Advanced WinEEG contained ERP analysis with wide export/import functions.

What is Mitsar systems warranty period ?

Warranty period is 24 months beginning with the date of installation and commission. If the delivery set includes a computer and/or other computer equipment, video camera, etc., warranties for such equipment shall be stipulated separately. Warranty for electrodes and electrode fixing devices is 12 months if not stipulated otherwise by the electrode manufacturer.

What desktop PC configuration is recommending for WinEEG ?

Recommended PC configuration depends on your Mitsar-EEG system kit. Please, check it in Mitsar-EEG Operation manual (page**)

What laptops manufacturers do you recommend ?

Mitsar works with laptops of most leading manufacturers like Acer, Asus, Toshiba and etc. But we recommend first testing if Mitsar is compatible to laptop model you are going to purchase.

Can I use accumulators instead of standard batteries ?


I have broken (lost) my dongle. What I have to do ?

Request electronic access code by local representative or Mitsar support team directly.

What electrodes and caps are recommended by Mitsar ?

Mitsar recommends electrodes positioning system by ElectroCap Inc., USA or Ag/AgCl electrodes with Touch Proof (DIN 42-802) style connector.

For more detailed information and pinouts, please, contact Mitsar support »

For ERP recording I have to synchronies two PC, but I have no COM port(s). How can I fix it ?

You need internal card with COM port or USB-Serial adapter to connect your PCs. And dont forget to change synchronization parameters both in WinEEG and Psytask. More detailed information is in WinEEG quick start guide.

Why New patient button in not available in WinEEG software ?

Possible reasons:

  • Reason 1. WinEEG is used in demo mode.
  • Solution 1: Contact your local representative or Mitsar sales department to order the system.
  • Solution 2: Go to WinEEG->Setup->Equipment parameters and click Find button to switch to operation mode if you have already purchased the system.
  • Reason 2. Amplifier is not connected.
  • Solution: Plug the amplifier cable into one of USB ports.
  • Reason 3. Security dongle is not connected.
  • Solution: Plug the dongle into one of USB ports.
  • Reason 4. Security dongle and/or amplifier drivers are not installed.
  • Solution: Please, follow the installation instructions in WinEEG quick start guide.

I got 718 error message or just recording freezing in WinEEG. What I have to do ?

Please, first use troubleshooting guide in Mitsar-EEG Operation manual (page **). If not applicable then contact Mitsar support team.

I cant get real EEG signal. What is wrong ?

Please, check that A1 and A2 ear electrode(s) or ground (N) electrode(s) are connected correctly.

I see just noise on the EEG screen. Why ?

Possible reasons:

  • Reason 1: The impedance is very high. Please, check impedance and try to get less the 15 kOhm for all channels.
  • Reason 2: Please, check Notch filter settings. It depends on you region and used frequency band. For example in US it 55-65Hz and for EU and Russia 45-55 Hz.

I have connected amplifier to the power supply (or put batteries in) but the power LED indicator on the front panel is off. Why ?

It is ON only then you measure impedance or during signal input.

How can I get more accesses to by HBI reference database ?

Please, visit HBI on-line shop www.hbidatabase.com for details.