Mitsar Video-EEG System

Mitsar Video EEG Epilepsie diagnostics

Epilepsie diagnostics

Ambulatory EEG recording

with patient video capturing

Continuous EEG recoding

Epilepsy seizure at night

Video EEG monitoring

after sleep deprivation


With the Video-EEG monitoring option your Mitsar-EEG system becomes a powerful and flexible tool for epilepsy monitoring, sleep studies with long-term continuous EEG acquisition synchronized with video and audio signal recording.

LTM system is supplied in Basic and Advanced configuration. Video and audio data are simultaneously recorded from up to 2 color video cameras and microphone during the day or night.


System software package includes EEG and video acquisitions software with the advanced quantitative EEG analysis that also includes ICA.

Basic configuration

Basic kit includes one color video camera on pan/tilt unit with remote controlled position and electronic zoom and external IR illumination for night monitoring.

Camera is mounted on the wall in the patient room and allows for the doctor to perform detailed patient observation while long-term EEG recording.

Advanced configuration

Advanced kit is additionally equipment with background camera that allows you not only detailed patient observation, but also background view. Both cameras could be installed on the wall or used with tripods.

Flexible system kit meets requirements both of epileptology centers, clinical departments and research purposes.