Mitsar Portable EEG System

Mitsar EEG system : Portable EEG device for outdoor patients overview


We recommend Mitsar-EEG portable system like a solution for private doctors and researchers with the best functionality/price ratio. It is wide used for out-door investigation and well as in clinical practice. Mitsar-Porto is based on the new modification of USB powered 25 channel amplifier.


The supplied software package included brand new EEG acquisition software that is designed on MS Visual Studio .NET platform with Ribbon interface that makes it much user-friendly. Advanced software for quantitative EEG analysis and report generation is also included in the basic system kit.


It is equipment with all required EEG accessories and supplied in the plastic case for safety reasons and easy carriage. The amplifier and all accessories are well packed and are always at hand while you visit your out-door patients or store in in the clinic.


Mitsar-Porto is equipment with USB powered amplifier that does not require any extra power source. You do not need to care about battery charge or carry external power supply unit. Our system is compatible with any type of modern laptops and allows you to be mobile and perform EEG investigation everywhere you need to.