Mitsar-EEG ERP System

EEG system for event-related potentials (ERP) studies overview


The Evoked Potential option allows to the doctor to perform wide range of auditory and cognitive tests in his ERP studies. This add-on includes also all features for clinical use as well as advanced qEEG analysis.

With Evoked Potential option combined to HBI database of healthy subjects your system becomes a power tool for diagnostics.

ERP analysis

Our analysis software included a lot of possibilities for advanced ERP analysis. EP analysis include Event-Related Potentials and Event-related De/Synchronization computation, Wavelet power and coherence analysis, ERP Independent component analysis and Task performance (omission and commission errors, reaction time and its variance) calculation.

Data averaging and comparison of analysis results allow the doctor to perform pre- and post as well as different patients comparison.

Available tests

We have a number of world recognized long-latency ERP testes included in default list. Now following test types are available for the doctor: P300, MMN, CNV as well different Pattern tests.

Stimuli presentation

Stimuli are presented on the second monitor attached to the doctor computer. This new dual monitor mode makes ERP investigation very easy in setup and recording. And our ERP calibration procedure allow you to avoid any delays in stimuli presentation.

Patient reaction

Patient reaction is measured by two channel event button. It is connected directly to the amplifier for better synchronization. The following behavioral parameters are computed for each group of stimuli: reaction time, standard deviation, omission and commission errors.

Task editor

Our ERP tasks editor provides you the possibility for construction of your own visual or audio tests as well as combine different types of stimuli together. All the supplied test could be also modified to fit your investigation need better.