EEGStudio aquisition software

New way of ERP recording

You do not need any more second computer for ERP investigations. Only second monitor for stimuli presentation connected by VGA, DVI or HDMI interface is now required.

Enjoy a number of world recognized visual and auditory ERP tests with the new user friendly system.

ERP true calibration procedure

New easy calibration procedure both for desktop PCs and laptops is now available to avoid any visual and audio stimuli presentation delay errors.

LED and audio sensors are supplied together with EEGStudio ERP option. Only one time calibration is required for specific computer equipment.

EEG Review

Now you can scroll back your EEG keeping the recording running. Just one click to get already recorded EEG in separate windows for export and analysis.

This feature is applicable for long term recordings. For example doctor can process rest conditions data for Eyes Open/Eyes Closed while the patient is performing ERP task.