EEGStudio aquisition software

This is brand new Mitsar acquisition software for electroencephalograpg (EEG) and visual and auditory event-related potentials (ERP) acquisition.

Mitsar EEG Studio is a perfect tool both for the doctor or EEG technician because it was never easy to make recording with Mitsar amplifiers. EEG Studio was designed on MS Visual Studio .NET platform with Ribbon interface that makes it much user-friendly.

Elegant Ribbon Interface

Operate signal input, control your all your recording parameters, start photo stimulation and all your ERP tests from the same Tab now

EEG Studio Ribbon Interface

Fits Different Screen Formats

Use just one button to make your software recording screen compatible either for standard monitor or widescreen monitor. It fits both 4:3 and 16:9 screen formats

Event Related Potential recording

With the dual monitor mode the ERP recording became even easier. Now you don’t need extra computer but only extra stimuli presentation monitor to make ERP recordings

  • Connect extra monitor by VGA, DVI or HDMI cable
  • Perform ERP calibration following set-by-step tutorial
  • Enjoy ERP acquisition with MMN, P300, CNV tests
Dual monitor mode

Montage Library

Contains number of non-editable world recognized montages. Now all features are available in one dialog window now

  • Add new or edit library montages
  • View of created montage picture
  • Set individual parameters for any channel
  • Rename and color any channel

*- His own library is available for each Windows User Profile

Doctor Labels and Functional Probes

You can easy add doctor labels and change functional probes from Ribbon Occurrences group. For your comfort Photo and Phono stimulation probe is set automatically then you start it.

Number of probes and labels are already available in default. You can add new or edit any from the list.

Doctor Labels and Functional Probes

EEG Review

Now you can scroll back your EEG keeping the recording running. Just one click to get already recorded EEG in separate windows for export and analysis.

This feature is applicable for long term recordings. For example doctor can process rest conditions data for Eyes Open/Eyes Closed while the patient is performing ERP task.

EEG Review

Advanced Examination Information

We store now more information about performed examination for doctor’s comfort

  • Patient card information
  • EEG amplifier information
  • Electrodes impedance values before and after recording

Default User settings

Each Windows user can create his one EEG Studio profile with default settings for

  • Default signal input settings
  • Current montage
  • Software appearance

Data Export

Advanced export feature allows you to transfer your data to different formats for analysis and data processing. Or use onló one click quick export to transfer your EEG file to WinEEG analysis software.

We support export to following formats

  • WinEEG format
  • Text format ASCII
  • Binary format
  • European Data Format (EDF+)