Clinic or lab based Mitsar-EEG-202 system with the 24 EEG channel amplifiers with 8 reference pair channels gives you a possibility to make standard 19 channels EEG recordings according to the 10-20 electrodes positioning system with the wide frequency range.

With 8 reference pair channels following biological parameters can be recorded simultaneously to EEG data: ECG, EMG, EOG, Respiration and etc.


Basic software package includes not only EEG acquisition and review with signal processing and artifacting tools, but full range of Quantitative Analysis including FFT, Coherence, Indices as well as Independent Component analysis (ICA).

Event-Related Potentials option is also available for this model. It includes number of world recognized visual and auditory tests with ERP analysis features including ICA for ERP’s.

DC amplifier

Amplifier frequency band starts from 0 Hz up to 150 Hz. Such a wide band range provides good possibilities for research and more advanced clinical brain assessment. You can observe both very slow and fast frequencies in your scientific work as well as to use routine montages for standard clinical procedures.

10-20 electrodes system

Mitsar-EEG-202 is a 24 EEG channel fully compatible to standard 19 channels caps designed according to word recognized 10-20 electrodes system. Using of standalone electrodes with touch proof connectors allow you to hook up your patient with up to 24 EEG electrodes.

Photo and Phono stimulators

Mitsar-EEG-202 provides interface both for photo and acoustic stimulation. You can perform all standard EEG probes with our LED red/white colored Mitsar-Photic flash lamp and acoustic Mitsar-Phono stimulator.

Electro-Cap compatibility

It is compatible to 19 EEG channel Electo-Cap electrodes caps designed according to the 10-20 positioning system. For more information please visit Electro-cap site.