EEG Machine

Mitsar-EEG 201 machine on the base of 25 channel EEG amplifier is a powerful tool for clinical application that comply almost all your requirements for clinicical use.

It is both compatible with desktop computers and laptops and is a good portable solution for outdoor EEG investigation as well as full clinical patient assessment.

QEEG Software

Basic EEG software package includes not only EEG acquisition and review with signal processing and artifacting tools, but full range of QEEG Analysis including FFT, Coherence, Indices as well as Independent Component analysis (ICA).

Event-Related Potentials (ERP) option is also available for this model.

USB interface

Mitsar-EEG 201 machine is based on USB interface. New secure connection to the amplifier with screwed USB plug protects your data from losing by accident. We supply 5 meters mini USB cable that fits almost all EEG rooms.

Power supply

Our new Mitsar-EEG-201 amplifier modification is USB powered and no more batteries are required now. It means portable EEG solution for you clinic and outdoor investigation with high-quality recordings in unscreened areas.

LED impedance indicators

Impedance control with 5, 10, 20 or 40 kOhm thresholds is available even without access to computer screen. LED indicators on the EEG amplifier allow you to check impedance over preset threshold when monitor screen is not available.

Poly channels

4 reference pair electrodes are available for addition signals recording. Following biological parameters can be recorded simultaneously to EEG data: ECG, EMG, EOG or Respiration.

Electro-Cap compatibility

Mitsar-EEG 201 machines are fully compatible with standard 19 channel ECI caps that are positioned to the international 10/20 method of electrode placement. A1 and A2 channels are now included in the ECI plug pin out.

Photo and Phono stimulators

Mitsar-EEG 201 amplifier provides interface both for photo and acoustic stimulation. You can perform all standard EEG probes with our LED red/white colored Mitsar-Photic flash lamp and acoustic Mitsar-Phono stimulator.