EEG equipment

Mitsar-EEG systems : Clinical solutions for EEG studies

Mitsar-EEG EquipmentAbout this Machine
Mitsar EEG Machine : 24/31 channel DC EEG amplifier

Mitsar-EEG 201/202L machines

Mitsar EEG 201/202L machines based on 24/31 EEG and 4/8 poly channel EEG amplifier with high sampling rate provide you high quality signal on the whole frequency band and comply almost all your requirements for QEEG labs and research facilities …

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Mitsar-EEG System : Best digital EEG equipment for clinical EEG application

Cinical EEG System

Mitsar-EEG clinical system supplied on trolley cart with isolation transformer and arms for EEG amplifier and Photic stimulator is best digital EEG solution for the clinical application. …

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Mitsar EEG system : Portable EEG device for outdoor patients

Mitsar Portable EEG System

Portable Mitsar-EEG system compatibale with laptops and equiped with USB powered EEG device is used by private doctors and clinics for QEEG out-door investittions …

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EEG system for event-related potentials (ERP) studies

Mitsar-EEG ERP System

Mitsar-EEG ERP system is used for advanced event-related potentials (ERP) studies including P300, MMN, CNV and pattern tests. …

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Software for QEEG and ERP analysis

Mitsar-EEG EquipmentAbout this Machine
Mitsar Video-EEG LTM system for long-term video EEG monitoring

Mitsar Video-EEG System

Mitsar Video-EEG LTM system with long-term continuous video-EEG monitoring synchronized with video and audio signal recordinga is a powerful and flexible tool for epilepsy monitoring, sleep studies and QEEG assessment. …

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EEGStudio Software : EEG and ERP acquisition software

EEGStudio aquisition software

Mitsar EEGStudio software is brand new user-friendly application for electroencephalogram (EEG) and event-related potentials (ERP) acquisition …

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WinEEG :: QEEG and ERP Analysis Software

WinEEG: QEEG and ERP analysis software

WinEEG is a full software that allows the recording, editing and QEEG analysis of recorded EEG and ERP using a Mitsar-EEG system …

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EEG software: Mitsar.API for Matlab

Mitsar.API for Matlab

The Mitsar API for Matlab is designed in the form of a COM-interface based adaptor allowing for direct data exchange between Mitsar FTDI USB driver and MatlabR Data Acquisition Toolbox (DAQ Toolbox later) …

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