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About us

Founded in 1996 by four Russian engineers Mitsar Co., Ltd. has developed a number of medical devices for functional diagnostics and scientific research. At present time Mitsar is one of the leading companies manufacturing medical equipment for functional diagnostics and neurophysiology on the Russian market.

Located at own productive building in Saint Petersburg Mitsar has developed a strong engineering, software and scientific staff. Professional team of electronics engineers and programmers in cooperation with medical researchers from Laboratory of Neurobiology Action Programming of Institute of Human Brain RAS allows Mitsar to take leading positions in the Russian market of digital EEG systems for both medical and scientific goals.

Since 2004 Mitsar Company is involved in international trade and successfully exports Mitsar-EEG system into US and different European countries.

Due to the high quality, reliability and excellent abilities of software Mitsar-EEG system has merited authority among its customers. Mitsar. Co. Ltd. quality management system is certified to be in compliance with the European standards for medical devices EN ISO 13485/11.2000.

The EEG systems and biofeedback device comply with the requirements of Annex I of the European council directive 93/42/EEC and are CE marked.

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